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Ant Control In Raleigh, NC

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Trustworthy Ant Control For Raleigh, NC Home & Business Owners

People aspire to own a home or business in Raleigh for many reasons. One is that they're seeking stability and a financially viable asset. All the effort required to acquire and maintain a property can be squandered in the blink of an eye by pests. Insects and creatures are often capable of ruining lawns, buildings, or personal belongings. They might smear illness-causing germs everywhere or cause injuries too. Ants in Raleigh are no exception to this. 

According to a National Pest Management Association (NPMA) study, over 80% of ant infestations are in single-family homes and office buildings. With your comfort, health, and investments on the line, it's necessary to focus on insect prevention and remediation. Find out how Southern Pest Solutions has the resources to rid your Raleigh property of ants long-term.

How Do Ants Operate? What Ant Treatments Does Southern Pest Solutions Have?

There are so many ant species; it's a wonder insect scientists can keep up with them all. Colonies can have thousands of members. Each is a threat because these bugs crawl around with bacterial cells on their skin. They are known to generate E. coli and salmonella. Several subtypes bring additional dangers, such as attacking wood or stinging people. The critters vary in size and color, but they are well under an inch long and brown or black. When Southern Pest Solutions intervenes, this is what you'll have at your disposal:

  • Ant inspection: Our experienced professionals will carefully look over every nook and corner, both indoors and outdoors, including mulched areas, carpet edges, foundational walls, and doorways. Crawl spaces, in particular, have to get special attention because ants will head there during or following a storm. Unfortunately, some pest companies neglect to examine such zones. We will make sure that ant species and their hubs are properly identified in order to develop the best approach plan. You'll be a part of the decision-making process every step of the way.
  • Interior ant treatment: Tons of folks are unaware that ants can be resistant to or detect retail pesticides and similar products. In a multitude of cases, these products cause them to spread their nests out even wider. Our fast-acting avenues are effective because they contain non-repellent chemicals that they won't notice. Further, we will place ants baits near trails. When they travel with and share the material, it will kill them and their colony's queen. You'll commonly find ants in kitchens, bathrooms, utilities, and paneling.
  • Exterior ant treatment: Though ants will cause plenty of trouble inside your domicile or establishment, you must remember that they enter from the outside. No Southern Pest Solutions visit is complete without surveying or addressing the yard and your structural quality. Our team can close up entry points and gaps in foundations, doors, and windows with caulk if needed. Then, we will apply a non-repellent insecticide to the perimeter of your land. Ant populations will not survive.

An ant infestation in your Raleigh home can get out of hand quickly, as these bugs speedily procreate. Take action to protect your space now by working with us at Southern Pest Solutions. 

What Does Southern Pest Solutions Ant Treatment & Control Cost?

Southern Pest Solutions offers affordable ant extermination for your Raleigh property, beginning at $140. An inspection and all of the described treatments are incorporated. If you're a new client, our comprehensive quarterly plan is available to you at a starting rate of $85. For existing customers, our referral program can get you free quarterly services for a year! Call or email us today! We can't wait to send our expert technicians to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get ants?

Ants invade homes looking for food, water, and or safety. Heavy rain, fluctuating weather patterns, and other natural factors also force ants into our homes in an effort to protect their colony. So if you leave dirty dishes in the sink, food residue on your counters, or crumbs on the floor, you’re essentially inviting meal-seeking ants into your home. This becomes a problem when those ants set up their nests in your walls, on your lawn, and around your home’s foundation.

How serious are ants?

Ant infestations are a pretty big deal. One of the biggest problems related to ants is food contamination. Ants carry bacteria on their bodies, which spreads when they crawl in your sink and across your countertops. Now, only a few ant species carry insect-borne diseases, but finding any ants in your home is an unpleasant surprise. Worse, many ant species spread and multiply rapidly due to stress factors beyond our control. Eliminating ants quickly is important for these reasons.

I have ants! What do I do next?

To get your ant problem under control, a proper inspection is your very first step. This allows us to design a unique program for your specific situation. So please give us a call at 919-897-7125 to schedule your ant inspection. Our team is thoroughly trained in eliminating ant colonies and will keep these pests where they belong: out of your business or home.