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Bee Removal In Raleigh, NC

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Quality Bee Removal Service For Raleigh, NC Home & Business Owners

Spending time outdoors can be a great way to relax or have fun. Many home and business owners in Raleigh enjoy utilizing their yards to invite people over for events. The problem is that barbecues, field days, meetings, dinner parties, and the like can be interrupted by flying pests like bees. These critters are often very persistent about bothering us.

Bees can be very dangerous to encounter, especially since they can strike several times in seconds. Some American statistical reports relay that up to 100 deaths a year are related to anaphylaxis from stinging bugs. Fainting, severe allergic reactions, and nausea are also known to occur. It's hard to manage bees because they flourish in organic settings. However, Southern Pest Solutions, Inc. has powerful tools to help deter or remove bees from your Raleigh property. Learn more about our affordable offerings now!

How Do Bees Behave? What Can Southern Pest Solutions Do About Bees?

A multitude of bee species plagues the area, and they are all unique. While some have round, hairy bodies, others have slender frames and a metallic finish. Even their skin markings can vary in color and shape. The common denominator is that most are drawn to anything producing pollen and nectar. You may see them or their nests by sheltered spaces, structural voids, and greenery. Sightings are usually a confirmation of an infestation. Here's what you can anticipate on a bee-related visit from Southern Pest Solutions:

  • Inspection: Our expert technicians will closely examine the exterior of your domicile or establishment, including the ground and grass. They'll accurately identify the species they spot and provide you with a quote that makes sense for your situation and budget.  
  • Liquid Bee Treatment: When it's best to employ a liquid avenue, it will be an aerosol. Such a substance is effective for loosening and knocking down a cocoon. A residual that lasts for two months or more will be left. Intense infestations require repetitive applications for the desired results.
  • Dusting Bee Treatment: This approach involves placing an active dust inside a nest's opening and around its top, stopping them from exiting. All insects, larvae, and immature bees will die. 
  • Bee Exclusion Work: Once eliminating the bees successfully, our highly trained team will make sure they don't have ideal places to cultivate in the future. The cracks and crevices these pests typically come through must be sealed. For instance, holes in screens, windows, doors, and foundations. Among our options for this are corks, plugs, putty, and caulking compounds. So bees don't create new openings elsewhere; the fall season is the perfect time to do this.

Tackling bee populations on your Raleigh property is something no one can risk putting off. With just one phone call, Southern Pest Solutions is on the way! Same-day services are available! We'll collaborate with you to get the bugs out!

How Much Does Southern Pest Solutions Bee Removal Cost?

Lots of folks believe that "do it yourself" methods or commercial insecticides are just as effective as professional interventions, for half the cost. This notion is misguided. Most of these items won't resolve a bee infestation. Only a few bees will expire. The other issue is their potential toxicity. In any case, going near these pests or their nests is hazardous. 

If you reach out to us at Southern Pest Solutions, Inc., you'll have access to industrial-grade care that is safe. Our bee treatments in Raleigh start at $140. New customers can subscribe to our comprehensive quarterly plan for the beginning price of $85. Existing clients will benefit from our referral program for a full year of free quarterly control! Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove bee nests myself?

Technically yes, but it’s not something we recommend because when a nest is threatened, bees often attack in swarms. If you insist on removing a nest on your own, we recommend that you follow standard safety procedures, use a bee suit, and proceed with caution.

After the nest is removed, will there be activity?

Yes! For roughly 24 hours, you will see foraging bees return to their nest which is no longer there. They may be irritated, so we recommend staying away from the recently treated area until they’re no longer present.

What’s the best way to discourage bees from returning?

Bees leave behind a scent that attracts other bees to the area. So after you remove a hive, you must clean the area with a strong disinfectant and seal the openings with a caulking compound. The team at Southern Pest Solutions can handle this entire process for you from start to finish. To schedule your bee removal service, please call 919-897-7125 today!

Do you offer bee removal services where I live?

If you’re dealing with a bee problem in Raleigh, NC, you’re in luck! With over 13 years of experience, we’re the leading bee removal company in the area. To see a list of the cities we serve, take a look at our service area maps.