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Should I Attempt DIY Termite Control In Raleigh?

May 15, 2022

Active termites in your Raleigh home can be a nightmare to deal with, and home remedies for termites may not be as effective as you might think. In most cases, termites can only be removed with the help of Raleigh pest control professionals, though DIY termite prevention tactics are also an effective way of combating this pest.

Can I Treat My House For Termites Myself?

Learning how to get rid of termites can be tricky, especially if you want to treat your house for termites yourself. In most cases, DIY termite control can be effective when applied before full-blown infestations of this pest or as a way to prevent termites from initially moving in. 

If you attempt to treat or remove an ongoing termite infestation that is widespread in your home, these DIY methods and home remedies may be less than adequate. This is because store-bought products can be hit or miss within your home, and you may not have the expertise to reach every single termite hiding around your property. If you miss just a few termites in your elimination attempt, chances are high for reinfestation and continued termite damage.

Is It Possible To Fully Get Rid Of Termites?

It is possible to get rid of termites around your home entirely, but you will need to be diligent about it. Proper prevention tactics combined with professional pest control and DIY termite eradication methods placed around your property are usually the perfect combination of treatments to thoroughly remove this pest from your home. You should reach out to Southern Pest Solutions for more information on this or advice on dealing with your termite problem.

What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Cause?

Termites can cause a significant amount of damage around your home due to their constant tunneling in internal wooden structures. What’s more, termite damage repair can be incredibly costly due to the problematic nature of these repairs. Below, we discuss the damage you may see when termites can infest your home and tunnel at will:

  • Wood may start to appear visually damaged, damp, or break away at a slight touch.
  • Floors can begin to sink, and hardwood floors may break easily.
  • Windowsills, doorjambs, and baseboards may have signs of termite frass around them.
  • Drywall can have pinpoint holes where termites enter into more internal structures.
  • You may experience dipping ceilings or bulging walls.
  • The paint may begin to bubble or peel on the walls.
  • Parts of your home may start to descend or sink, and the walls can sound completely hollow.
  • With continued termite tunneling, the risk of complete structural collapse increases and can be pretty dangerous, not to mention costly to repair.

The Trick To Permanently Getting Rid Of Termites In Raleigh

Even though some DIY termite treatment solutions may work for you, the trick to permanently eliminate this pest in Raleigh is to reach out to the best termite control company in the area – Southern Pest Solutions. Our specialists at Southern Pest Solutions, armed with professional equipment, years of experience, and in-depth termite knowledge, can inspect your home for signs of termites and verify the scale of your infestation. Then we will implement tailored treatments that remove this pest from your home and protect your property from termite reinfestation.