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The Truth About Bed Bugs In Fuquay Varina

June 15, 2022

Although bed bugs do not carry diseases, this is a pest you do not want in your home. Hire Southern Pest Solutions, the best bed bug control in Fuquay Varina, at the first sign of a bed bug. It's better to catch the infestation before they take over your entire home. A few rumors are circulating about bed bugs, and most of them are false. From how long they live to how much they reproduce to ineffective DIY treatments, here are a few of the most popular bed bug myths debunked. 

Myth #1 Bed Bugs Have A Long Life Span

There are quite a few insects with long life spans, but bed bugs are not one of them. Ant queens can live for at least 30 years, termite queens for over 15 years, and cicadas for 17 years or more. The estimated lifespan of a bed bug is 6 to 12 months. A few of the factors that affect their longevity are:

  1. Sex: Male bed bugs live longer than females.
  2. Temperature: Temperature changes a bed bug's metabolism. The faster their metabolism, the quicker they progress, thus extending their life cycle.
  3. Other Pests: Bed bugs are prey for other household pests, thus shortening the life expectancy of bed bugs.

Having professional pest control to kill bed bugs at the first sign is essential to keep them from invading the rest of your home.

Myth #2 Bed Bugs Like Cold And Hot Temperatures

Bed bugs live indoors, so they are relatively unaffected by outside temperatures. Bed bug infestations tend to increase in the summer months due to people traveling more. The holidays are another time of the year when infestations are likely to happen. Bed bugs are hitchhikers who tend to travel from place to place in people's luggage and on clothing.

Bed bug eggs are heat-resistant and require temperatures of 125℉, while adults tend to die at 119℉. Some bed bug control services use excessive temperatures as one of the ways to eliminate these pests from homes, hotels, nursing homes, and anywhere where an infestation is occurring.

Myth #3 Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly

While bed bugs will breed and lay eggs all year, they are slow to reproduce, especially compared to other insects. The common housefly lays 500 eggs over three to four days. An adult bed bug produces one egg at a time, and she'll lay five to eight eggs per week. The best bed bug pest control near you will kill bed bugs in all stages, including eggs, larvae, and adults.

Myth #4 DIY Bed Bug Treatments Don't Work

DIY bed bug treatments do not work, which is not a myth. They may put a temporary band-aid on the problem, but the only way to exterminate bed bugs 100% is to hire local pest control for bed bugs. Here are some DIY things you can try, but the longer you wait to bring in the experts from Southern Pest Solutions, the more widespread the infestation will be.

  • Vacuum: If you see a bed bug, thoroughly vacuum your mattresses, bedding, rugs, and upholstered furniture like couches and comfy chairs.
  • Steam Cleaning: Having a steamer that exceeds 125℉ can help to kill adults and eggs.
  • Baking Soda: This sucks the moisture out of their bodies. Spread wherever you have seen them, making sure to get baking soda in all the cracks and crevices. Vacuum and reapply every couple of days.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This powder can take up to 10 days to work. The tiny shards in the powder kill insects, but they are microscopic and can also be breathed into your lungs, causing damage.

Taking pest control into your own hands may seem like a cheap and easy fix, but it's not a long-lasting, effective solution. When it comes to pest control in Fuquay Varina, call the experts at Southern Pest Solutions to eliminate bed bugs the first time. Bed bug control near you is easy when you leave it up to the professionals. Contact us to assess your situation and implement the best solution today!