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What To Do About Rats On Your Raleigh Property

December 15, 2022

Rats are among the worst pests that Raleigh residents confront. They're intelligent and destructive, and once they make your property their home, they're challenging to remove. Homeowners will spend hundreds of dollars on traps and other remedies, hoping to find a quick fix, when in reality, the best solution is to call professionals.

As leading Raleigh pest control professionals, we've serviced countless homes overtaken by rats and have seen more than our fair share of baffled and frustrated homeowners struggle against invading rodents. But you can avoid the uphill battle by learning the best way to handle a rat infestation. Follow the following advice to identify an infestation and call on Southern Pest Solutions to end it for good. 

How To Tell If It's Rats Lurking Around Your Property

Spotting signs of rats early on allows you to take action before you have a full-blown infestation on your hands. Dealing with a smaller rat problem is much easier than tackling a horde, even for the pros. Thankfully, some clues are hard to miss.

If you haven't seen a rat yet, you can still find physical signs of its presence. Rat droppings, footprints, and holes (both inside and outside your home) are dead giveaways. You may also find smears left from their filth on your floors or walls.

Rat urine is an incredibly pungent smell that's hard to ignore or mistake. You can also rely on your ears for confirmation. Listen for scratching inside walls, closets, cabinets, beneath floorboards, or in your attic, and be alert for the rapid pitter-patter of their running, especially at night.

If you see a rat, don't assume it's just one. Instead, act fast and call Southern Pest Solutions immediately. We'll inspect every area of your home for entry points and nests to eliminate the rats.

Rats Cause Property Damage And Spread Diseases

The damage rats do to your property stems from their need to build a nest or find food. They will burrow, bite, and scratch their way through wood, fabric, and other materials if it means they can eat or sleep in security. In some instances, it's an annoyance, but the behavior can have dire consequences for you and your family.

Rats can chew through wires and even nest inside electric appliances, which poses severe fire hazards. Unfortunately, with much of a home's electrical work hidden inside walls and floors, this damage is difficult to notice until it causes a problem. 

As a respected rat control company, Southern Pest Solutions provides you with a sanitation guide as part of our extermination services. It's a comprehensive guide to cleaning your property post-infestation that will dissuade future rats from coming in and causing harm to your property and family.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property

If you search online or through the shelves of a store, you'll find many products that promise to end rat infestations. Unfortunately, these are rarely enough to end the problem and leave many homeowners wondering what went wrong. Effectively ending a rat infestation means calling on professional exterminators, and that's where Southern Pest Solutions comes in. We have the tools and know-how to combat rat infestations, no matter what. Call us today, and we'll work with you to find the right solution for your situation.

Five Tips To Prevent Future Rat Infestations On Your Property

Once your home is free from an infestation, your work isn't over. Unless you address how rats got into your home, the odds are good that others will show up later. Here's how to prevent rats from returning:

  • Fix exterior damage to your home: Rats can sneak through cracks and holes to find a warm place to live. So patching these possible entryways outside your house is your first line of defense.
  • Keep your property clean: Rats will hide in trash and debris if accessible. If they do, your house could be the next target. 
  • Store your food correctly: Open food containers tell rats nearby that they've found a food source. Once they do, they're unlikely to leave on their own.
  • Check your drainpipe cover: A damaged, loose, or missing cover gives rats easy access through your drains. Check the cover regularly to see if it's in good shape.

Follow up with rodent control services from our professionals at Southern Pest Solutions. Take advantage of our post-extermination inspections to stay one step ahead. We can identify even more ways to protect you from another infestation.