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Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of Mice In Raleigh Homes

February 15, 2022

Mice are one of the trickiest pests to get rid of in Raleigh homes due to their small size and skill at infiltrating hard-to-reach areas. For effective mouse control, you should pay attention to potential signs of mice in your home and perhaps invest in professional mice removal.

Signs Of A Mouse Problem In Your Raleigh Home

Signs of mice in your home are essential to learn about as they may help you catch an infestation before it becomes too out of control:

  • Sightings of mice around your home are a tell-tale sign that this pest has moved in, and there is an infestation underway. Typically, you will only see mice when a widespread infestation is occurring.
  • Gnaw marks and signs of chewing around your home are significant signs that mice have moved in. This pest can chew through many materials included electrical wiring, food packaging, wood, brick, and cinder block, so the potential for damages is very high.
  • Mouse droppings around your home are a serious sign of infestation and can carry a risk of illness. You may find urine and feces around food storage areas, in cabinets, or near the walls of your home.
  • Most mice infestations carry a musky odor. Smelling this scent and experiencing other signs of infestation indicate a major mouse problem in your home.

The Problems Mice Cause In Raleigh Homes

Mice can cause many problems in your Raleigh homes, the costliest of which are damages. This pest chews through anything and can create destruction to the internal structures of your home, furniture, stored items, or food storage areas. When left untreated, a mouse infestation may wrack up a significant amount of damage.

Additionally, mice are major carriers of disease. They can contaminate food storage areas with their droppings, leading to illness, and the urine and feces they leave throughout your home will eventually become airborne and increase your risk of sickness. 

These problems are why proper mice removal and effective ways to keep mice away are so important to invest in.

Why Mouse Traps Aren't Enough For Raleigh Homes

When it comes to home remedies to kill mice, things like mouse traps and other do-it-yourself (DIY) methods simply aren’t enough. This is because mice infestations are typically widespread and populate the hardest to reach areas of your home – a mouse trap will only reduce the numbers of an infestation, and even that won’t last long. Mice are incredibly prolific and will have no problem repopulating and keeping an infestation ongoing.

The best ways to keep mice away are reducing factors that attract them, such as easy access to food, water, and shelter and investing in professional mouse control with Southern Pest Solutions. 

The Most Effective Mouse Control For Raleigh Homes

Skip the home remedies to kill mice and check out the best thing to get rid of mice instead – professional pest control. The experts at Southern Pest Solutions are all highly trained and can investigate your home to figure out where your mice problem areas are. Once an inspection has been completed, the professionals can provide you with effective, customized pest control solutions that eliminate any mice infestation in your home, no matter how widespread it is.

For effective mouse control, you should trust the professionals at Southern Pest Solutions. Contact us today to get started or to receive more advice.