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Cockroach Control In Raleigh, NC

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Affordable Cockroach Control For Raleigh, NC Home & Business Owners

Cockroaches are one of the worst pests to have in your Raleigh home or business. Not only are they creepy to look at, but they also are extremely dirty, easily spread diseases, reproduce rapidly, and are very difficult to eliminate. If you've seen signs of cockroaches in your structure, immediate action is necessary to eliminate the threat and protect the health and safety of everyone in your building. DIY treatments are rarely effective against a cockroach infestation which is why professional pest control in Raleigh from Southern Pest Solutions is the way to go. Our team of trained professionals has the experience necessary to fully eliminate your cockroach problem, guaranteed.

Our Cockroach Control Service

Our cockroach control service in Raleigh has several essential steps. By following each step of our treatment protocol, we provide you with the effective services you're looking for to ensure your home or business is cockroach-free.

Roach Identification

The first step in the process is to properly identify the type of cockroach that is in your home or business. We'll use flashlights and glue boards to catch the roaches so we can look at their size and physical features in order to identify the species. Since different species of cockroaches require different treatment methods, this step is vital in delivering effective roach control.

Roach Sanitation

Once we've identified the species, we'll continue our inspection to identify any sanitation issues contributing to your cockroach problem. Cockroaches need food, water, and a harborage location to survive. By identifying the conditions in and around your home or business that are conducive to their existence, we can work with you to eliminate these conditions. You must get rid of these conditions as much as possible to get rid of your roach problem. Allowing the conditions to remain will lengthen your cockroach problem.

German Roach Treatment

We'll use our German cockroach treatment protocol if German roaches or another small roach species, such as brown-banded cockroaches, were identified during our Roach Identification phase. This method uses cockroach baits and insect growth regulators to eliminate your infestation. It is vital that you deep clean your kitchen and bathroom during this process. Otherwise, the outcome you desire will be much more difficult to achieve.

American Roach Treatment

If American roaches or other large species of cockroaches, such as Australian, smokey brown, oriental, or wood cockroaches, are identified during our Roach Identification phase, we'll use our American cockroach treatment protocol. This treatment process uses residual insecticides and granular baits to eliminate the infestation. We'll also remove any harborage areas outside your home or business and seal cracks and crevices that allow access to the inside of the building.

Protect Your Raleigh Property From Dangerous Cockroaches

Part of having a healthy home or business is making sure that cockroaches are not present. If you've seen signs of a cockroach problem, don't wait to find out if you're right. Contact Southern Pest Solutions to request our cockroach control services in Raleigh. We will identify your roach problem, help you identify and eliminate the conditions contributing to the problem, and enact a treatment plan that fully eliminates the infestation. To request your free quote, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get roaches?

The most common culprit is poor housekeeping. But cleaning your kitchen, floors, and bathrooms sometimes isn’t enough. Roaches are accomplished hitchhikers, which means they can also get in by riding boxes, hiding in furniture, and latching onto other items brought into your home. Furthermore, roaches can enter through cracks and gaps in your walls and drains or sewer pipes. So your best bet is to call 919-897-7125 to schedule your FREE roach inspection! We’ll pinpoint the type of roach you have and the issue causing them to come back for more.

How serious are roach infestations?

Not only are roaches one of the most common pest problems in Raleigh, NC, but they’re also one of the hardest to eliminate. The reason for this is roaches are often scattered throughout your home, have high breeding potential, and can develop a resistance to pesticides. This is problematic because roaches transfer E. coli and salmonella from one food source to the next. So if you’re dealing with a roach problem, or simply want to protect your home from future infestations, please call 919-897-7125 today!

How long will it take to get rid of roaches?

The answer depends on the species and severity of the infestation. Keep in mind many over-the-counter solutions are ineffective and sometimes even make the problem worse. Roaches are incredibly adaptable, which means they can scatter through your home and develop a resistance to do-it-yourself treatments. So we recommend calling 919-897-7125 to schedule your FREE roach inspection. This will allow us to give you an estimate of how long it’ll take to get rid of roaches in your home.