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Pest Control In Durham, NC

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Effective Pest Control In Durham You Can Rely On

As one of the largest cities in North Carolina, Durham is known for its vibrant cultural scene and urban atmosphere. But with our resident population, homes and businesses tend to attract lots of pest activity in Durham, which is why it’s important to educate yourself on ways to prevent pest problems and clamp down on them quickly. Turn to Southern Pest Solutions for tips on how to keep infestations from ever happening to your Durham property.

Residential Pest Control In Durham, NC

There are a lot of reasons why people think pests will never happen to them. Maybe they’re a first-time homeowner and have never had to contend with the issues that a pest infestation can bring. Seasoned homeowners may think that pests won’t ever be an issue because they take pains to keep a clean, well-maintained property. But pests can happen to anyone because every property has the factors that attract them. This is why proper pest control is crucial, and can protect you from the following side effects of pest populations:

  • Damage: Pests chew, claw, and burrow their way through structures, leading to costly property damage and stains that make your home look worse off.
  • Disease: Pests also pose health risks from diseases they carry to the allergies they can worsen because of the dust and dander they produce.
  • Proliferation: Pest problems grow out of control because they populate so quickly. A small infestation quickly leads to much larger issues.

Protect your Durham home from dangerous pests by turning to Southern Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Durham, NC

So much goes into managing and maintaining a healthy business; it’s understandable why pest control tends to fall to the wayside. But pest problems can really hurt your bottom line, which is why proper pest protection is a sound investment. From property damage to health concerns to even fines by authorities, the costs of an infestation are far higher than simply partnering with experts who can guarantee the safety of your business. Here’s why you should turn to Southern Pest Solutions right away:

  • Safe: Our treatments are tough on pests but not on you and your employees or customers. You don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals in your business.
  • Effective: Despite using safe, clean solutions, our treatments are effective against a wide array of pests.
  • Reliable: We pride ourselves on service that puts the customer first and is guaranteed to work quickly to fix your pest problems.

Don’t let pests become an issue for your property. Contact Southern Pest Solutions today to get started on overall pest protection for your Durham business today.

All The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Durham Home

Bed bugs are often misunderstood, not because people assume the worst about them but because people don’t assume bad enough. Most tend to think bed bugs won’t ever happen to them because they keep a clean home. But bed bugs are attracted to each and every human property because it’s us that they feed off of in the first place. And they can infest far more places than just your sheets or mattresses. It’s by not underestimating bed bugs that you can appreciate why professional pest control is your best defense against them. At Southern Pest Solutions, we can help keep you safe from the problems that bed bugs can lead to, including:

  • Bites: Bed bugs bite people because they feed on the nutrients in our blood. They feed at night, while we’re asleep, so you may wake up to notice itchy red bite marks on your body.
  • Infections: While bed bugs themselves aren’t known to spread diseases or bacteria that infect you, their itchy welts can easily become infected with repeated scratching.
  • Proliferation: Bed bugs lay eggs after feeding, meaning a population can quickly become much bigger if not addressed properly.

Don’t let bed bugs in Durham take you by surprise, turn to Southern Pest Solutions for thorough inspections and effective bed bug treatment.

Six Signs Your Durham Home May Have A Termite Problem

Few pests pose as dire of consequences to your property as termites. These wood-boring insects can do severe and costly damage to your home, even leading to structural concerns down the road. That’s why it’s important to have your property inspected for signs of termites regularly. The cost of effective monitoring and treatment is far cheaper than fixing the problems that termites introduce. Here are some of the signs of termite activity in Durham to watch for:

  1. Frass: The sawdust that termites create out of wooden items is called frass. It’s not very common to see since they tend to attack woods from below the surface.
  2. Warped Wood: As termites chew through woods, the surface of the items warp and buckle. If you notice walls or structural woods altering, it’s probably a sign of damage.
  3. Doors & Windows: Another way warped woods become noticeable is by changing the frames of doors and windows. Suddenly loose or tight-fitting doors and windows can be a sign of termites.
  4. Wings: One of the earliest signs of termites can be found outdoors during warmer months. The discarded wings of termite swarmers mean that a colony is forming nearby.
  5. Tunnels & Mounds: Speaking of soil, termites build mounds or dig tunnels into the dirt to start their subterranean colonies. If you spot these, contact professional termite control experts immediately.
  6. Clicking: This one isn’t very easy to detect and therefore is highly unlikely. However, termite soldiers knock their heads against wood to alert others in the colony of a threat, so a faint clicking sound coming from within your walls is another sure sign of termites.

Easy Tricks To Keep Ants Out Of Your Durham Home

When it comes to effective household ant prevention, an excellent place to start is removing attractants around your property. Eliminating these factors will give ants less of an incentive to infest. Along with removing ant attractants, there are other things you can do to minimize your exposure to infestation. Here are a few easy tricks to keep ants out of your Durham home:

  • Clean up spills and crumbs; keep food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Eliminate any sources of standing water and excess moisture.
  • Frequently take the garbage out and keep it outside in a lidded bin.
  • Keep landscaping well-trimmed and directed away from the house.
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness around your property.

If you suspect any ant activity around your home, you should reach out to your local pest experts immediately. Southern Pest Solutions is here to help with our customized ant solutions that will meet your specific needs, bringing you a high level of safety and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more.

How To Limit Your Mosquito Exposure Risk In Durham

Mosquitoes are infamous vector pests that are known for leaving us with itchy, red welts. However, their bites are more threatening than they seem on the surface. These parasites can potentially transmit a long list of vector-borne illnesses into their hosts, which is why it’s important to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes in the first place. By reducing your exposure to mosquitoes, you lessen your chances of getting bitten and therefore reduce the odds of contracting a vector-borne illness. 

If you want to limit your mosquito exposure risk in Durham, there are a few things you can do. The best way to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes is to understand what attracts them to your property in the first place. By discovering all attractants and conducive conditions around your property, you can work to eliminate them and lower mosquito activity.

Remove standing water sources, and be sure to use insect repellant when spending time outdoors. You should also maintain neat landscaping that directs away from the house and use protective screens in doorways and windows to block entry. For guaranteed protection from mosquito infestation, contact the team at Southern Pest Solutions today.

The Dangers Fleas Bring To Durham Homes

Fleas may be small, but they can cause some big problems. Firstly, flea bites are uncomfortable and can cause itchiness and infection. If the host is allergic to fleas, they can suffer a severe allergic reaction that can go from a rash to hives to full-on anaphylaxis. Aside from allergies, fleas can transmit diseases to their hosts and cause many adverse health effects. They are capable of spreading a variety of bacterial diseases and vector illnesses, including murine typhus, bubonic plague, and tapeworms.

Fleas can also have serious consequences for your household pests. Their saliva can cause severe allergies in cats and dogs, so it’s essential to take the proper precautions to minimize your exposure to fleas. 

Now that you’re aware of the dangers fleas bring to Durham homes, it’s time to take action and secure the proper protection. For the best flea protection in the area, look no further than Southern Pest Solutions. We are eager to bring you the pest-free conditions you deserve, so call today to discuss your flea control and prevention needs.

The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Durham Home

Spider infestation is an unpleasant occurrence, which is why it’s a good idea to address your spider control and prevention needs before an infestation occurs. If you want to be proactive in keeping spiders out of your home or business, there are some helpful preventative measures you can try. Here’s the secret to keeping spiders out of your Durham home:

  • Be sure to keep your home clean, thoroughly dusting, sweeping, and reducing clutter.
  • Replace outside bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs and keep the exterior porch lights off.
  • Try to keep other bugs away from home, as spiders feed on them as their main food source.
  • Use or repair existing window and door screens to prevent entry.
  • Use weather stripping to block entry or replace existing sealant if damaged.

While these tips certainly provide you with a great jumping-off point, none of them work on their own. The most reliable way to control spider activity around your property is to rely on help from the pest professionals. The team at Southern Pest Solutions offers effective spider control and prevention services that bring lasting, pest-free results you can trust. Contact us to learn more, and we’ll get the ball rolling as soon as possible.