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Flea FAQ For Rolesville Residents

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What are fleas? Growing only a fraction of an inch long, fleas are tiny parasites that may not be able to fly, but they have powerful hind legs that allow them to jump up to a hundred times their height. As parasites, fleas feed on warm-blooded animals to survive. Do fleas bite people? Yes, fleas can bite people. If you've got more questions about fleas in your Rolesville home, you're not the only one.

Here's what Rolesville homeowners should know about fleas, including why they can't live on humans, the signs of fleas, how they multiply so quickly, and the best way to handle a flea infestation with pest control in Rolesville.

Fleas Can't Live On Humans

Can fleas live on humans? They may bite us when they have the chance, but fleas can't live on people. Because humans lack the fur and hair that our pets have, fleas aren't able to live on or lay eggs on us. For this reason, fleas tend to spend more time biting cats and dogs, but they will still bite humans whenever they are able to. Especially with larger flea infestations, it's not uncommon for fleas to migrate from bothering your pets to bothering people in the household as well.

Many people associate fleas with pets, which is why it's often recommended that you treat your pets for fleas. But why are fleas so attracted to pets, and why do they seem to target these animals over humans? There are a couple of reasons why fleas might be after your cat or dog. 

The biggest reason is that animals, especially cats, dogs, and even birds, have fur and feathers that allow the flea to live on the animal for extended periods of time. If fleas jump on your dog, they can burrow into your pup's fur and begin feeding.

Once they've gotten their fill, they can start laying eggs right in your pet's fur. This ensures that as their eggs hatch, the next generation has no trouble finding a ready food source. These eggs start the cycle of a flea infestation. As an infestation grows, the flea bites generally cause excessive itching and even fur loss for many pets.

What Are Signs Of Fleas?

Fleas are tiny and often not easy to spot. So it's important to be aware of other signs of a flea problem or infestation in your home. Some of the most notable signs include:

  • Your dog or cat seems like they're scratching or itching more than usual, which can be a sign of irritation from the flea bites.
  • As they continue to scratch and itch, your pet begins to lose or pull out their own fur.
  • You notice there are constantly itchy bug bites around your ankles and feet.
  • There are small dark specks on your pet's fur or even their bedding. This is also called flea dirt.
  • You may also see this flea dirt, or even tiny white flea eggs hiding in your carpet or furniture.
  • When you comb through your pet's fur, you notice flea eggs or fleas.

As with any pest infestation, the sooner you respond to the signs, the easier it will be to solve the problem.

How Fleas Multiply So Quickly

How do flea infestations happen so quickly? Once they've got enough blood from their host, fleas can begin reproducing rapidly. In fact, adult fleas are capable of laying up to 50 eggs per day, and just one female flea can produce up to 2,000 eggs in her short lifespan.

From the time they hatch, new fleas can also start producing their own eggs within a few weeks. Because they multiply so quickly, flea infestations can feel like they happen overnight in your Rolesville home, and that's not too far from the truth.

The Best Way To Handle A Flea Infestation

Some people may think the extent of flea control is just treating your pets for fleas, but that's far from the only solution. Even non-pet homes can get flea infestations from rodents or wildlife, and the best way to control fleas in Rolesville is with professional help from Southern Pest Solutions.

With decades of experience in the pest control industry, we're the trusted choice for Rolesville homes. If you suspect that your home has a flea infestation or there's a flea problem on your property, don't wait – call us today at Southern Pest Solutions to learn more about our flea control services or schedule an inspection of your Rolesville home.