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How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats On My Cary Property?

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Although it’s not uncommon for people to mix up rats and mice, there are a couple of key indicators to identifying rats in your home. Norway rats, for instance, tend to have brown coloring, furry, small ears, and hairless tails that aren’t very long. If they can, Norway rats prefer to nest in basements or along the foundation of your home. 

Roof rats, however, have smaller, darker bodies but longer tails and much better climbing skills. Rather than hide in your basement, these rats like to climb up the side of your house or use low-hanging tree branches to scurry onto your rooftop or get into your attic. 

Both roof rats and Norway rats can cause big trouble for humans. For centuries, these rodents have been dependent on humans to provide them with warmth, food, and water, which is why they’re not shy about entering homes. 

Unfortunately, this dependent relationship is only beneficial to rats. Here’s what Cary homeowners should know about the problems that come with rats getting into homes, how to prevent them, and what to do if there's already an existing rodent problem in your Cary property.

What Problems Do Rats Cause?

Like many rodents, destruction, disease, and even parasites tend to follow rat infestations in Cary. Here’s how these pests can wreak havoc in your home:

  • Rats can spread diseases: These rodents are a major health concern, and these dangerous pests can spread harmful diseases and bacteria like salmonellosis, tularemia, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever. Not only can they transmit these diseases if they bite or scratch you, but they can also contaminate your home through their urine and feces. 
  • Rats can cause property damage: Besides the dangerous diseases they may spread, rats also aren’t shy about causing property damage either. Their powerful teeth and jaws can chew through anything from electrical wires to insulation and wood. It’s not uncommon for rats to chew holes in the foundation of your home, your walls, or anywhere else. 
  • Rats can bring parasites into your house: Since they live in the wild, rats can also pick up other parasites that can pose a risk to your family, such as ticks and fleas. These parasites can also start an infestation of their own.

How To Prevent Rats

Because of the threats these rodents pose, homeowners should know what they can do to prevent a rat infestation. Here are some tips to stop rat problems before they begin:

  • Use rodent-proof materials to block off cracks and crevices: Rats only need a hole the size of a quarter to squeeze through. If there’s not a big enough hole to crawl through, they’ll often use their teeth to widen the gap until it’s big enough. To prevent this, it’s a good idea to use rodent-proof materials like steel wool to keep them from chewing through plastic, wood, or even vinyl. 
  • Store your trash and food properly: Rats may be more attracted to homes that provide easier access to food and water, so properly storing your food and waste can go a long way toward prevention. You can do this by keeping leftovers in airtight containers, not allowing dirty dishes to sit in the sink overnight, and keeping your indoor and outdoor garbage cans sealed.
  • Keep your tree branches trimmed back: Since roof rats can use the tree branches near your house to climb onto roofs or into attics, it’s important to keep any branches or shrubs regularly trimmed.
  • Deal with moisture issues: Rats are drawn to excess moisture just as they are to food, so plumbing problems and drainage issues can attract them. You’ll want to deal with any drainage issues as soon as you notice them.

How To Deal With A Rat Infestation In Cary

While the tips above are great to avoid future rat problems, they aren’t always enough to rid your home of an existing rat infestation. And, since rats can be extremely dangerous to your health, there’s really only one solution — Southern Pest Solutions. 

Not only do our specialists have the experience and training to deal with rat infestations, but we also have reliable and effective pest control treatments to make sure they’re gone for good. If you think you’re dealing with a rat problem in your Cary home or you’re spotting signs of these rodents, don’t hesitate to call. Contact us at Southern Pest Solutions today for more information about our rodent control services in Cary.