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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Garner Home

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They’re creepy, and they’re crawly; they’re spiders in your Garner home! Spiders may be uninvited guests, but that doesn’t always stop them from invading your home. Here’s what local residents should know about the types of spiders they may find in their home, why spiders typically come inside, some simple prevention tips, and how professional pest control can help rid your home of a spider infestation.

The Types Of Spiders That Find Their Way Into Garner Homes

Identifying the spider in your Garner home is the first step to safely getting rid of it. For local residents, here are the types of spiders you may encounter:

  • House spiders: While their coloring and size may vary, you can recognize most house spiders by the light stripes that encircle their legs. As their name suggests, house spiders may be a nuisance inside your home, but they are not medically dangerous to people. 
  • Yellow sac spider: Yellow sac spiders can have a coloring that ranges from pale yellow to light green. While they’re not dangerous, their bite can be as painful as a bee sting. 
  • Brown recluse spider: Brown recluse spiders can be recognized by the violin-shaped mark on their back. If a spider from this species manages to bite you, its venom can be dangerous and requires medical attention. 
  • Black widow spider: Black widows are even more venomous than brown recluse spiders and can usually be spotted by the orange-red hourglass mark on their abdomens. 
  • False black widow spider: False black widows may have the same glossy black bodies that regular black widows do, but they lack that orange hourglass marking. A false black widow’s bite may be as painful as a bee or wasp sting but isn’t as dangerous as a black widow bite.

Why Spiders Invade Garner Homes

Some pests may be interested in your leftovers or your warm home during the winter, but spiders aren’t one of them. These cold-blooded arachnids usually end up in Garner homes because they follow in pest prey or wander in accidentally.

Even if spiders don’t have an appetite for human food, they do like to feed on pest prey, like flies, ants, and other insects. If your home has an existing pest problem, you’re more likely to find spiders or end up with a spider infestation as well. In other cases, spiders may end up in your home by accident because they’ve hidden in yard debris, potted plants, or other items that you may bring inside your home.

Six Simple Spider Prevention Tips For Garner Homes

Combating spiders isn’t always easy if these pests have settled into your home, but here are six simple spider prevention tips to keep these critters away: 

  1. Deal with your existing pest issues: If you have a fly, ant, or another insect problem, dealing with this issue can also discourage spiders. Make sure you’re properly storing your food in sealed containers or packages and keeping a tight lid on your trash. 
  2. Use a sealant to block off tiny cracks and crevices: Spiders and other pest prey need a way to get in, and the tiny cracks in your walls, foundation, or under doors can become an easy entrance. Use caulk or another sealant to block off these gaps and holes. 
  3. Sweep up spider webs: If you do find spider webs in your home, make sure you sweep or vacuum them up to disturb the spider’s activity and discourage them from sticking around. 
  4. Get rid of excess clutter: Spiders love to hide in excess clutter, and regularly clearing out disorganized storage areas and other clutter can combat this. 
  5. Keep your firewood away from your home: Many spiders, including black widows, like to use firewood as a hiding spot. Keeping firewood too close to your home can give them an easier entrance, so try to store any wood piles at least several feet away. 
  6. Don’t ignore drainage or moisture issues: Spiders need moisture, and so do their pest prey. Make sure you’re addressing moisture, humidity, and drainage issues on your property as soon as you notice them. 

How Pro Pest Control Gets Rid Of Spiders For Good In Garner Homes

You can use the tips above to help prevent future spiders, but what if you’re already dealing with these critters in your home? Southern Pest Solutions can rid your Garner home of spiders – both harmless and harmful – as well as any other pest prey that may be drawing them inside. If you’re finding too many spiders in your Garner home, contact us today at Southern Pest Solutions to learn more about our spider control services.