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Spider Control In Raleigh, NC

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Quality Spider Control For Raleigh, NC Home & Business Owners

As a rule, pests of any kind are considered something property owners don't want to see. However, spiders are especially worrisome for most people, thanks to how misunderstood they are when compared to other pests. 

Some Facts About Spider Infestations

First, most species of spiders are harmless to humans despite possessing fangs and venom. They are also beneficial to homeowners since they prey on insects, lowering the overall pest population.

However, there are two species of spiders in Raleigh to watch for since a bite from them requires immediate medical attention. These two species are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.

Regardless of the potential danger, spiders don't belong in your home, making effective spider control a necessity.

Some ways to control or prevent a spider infestation are:

  • Declutter: By removing the clutter, you take away more of their hiding places, making your home less inviting.
  • Seal up entry points: Spiders can slip through any crack, hole, or other opening to get inside. Use silicone caulk to seal these entry points.
  • Watch for other pests: If you notice spiders on the property, it's almost certain you have other pests on the premises. Focus on making your home less inviting to the other pests to lower your chances of facing a spider infestation.

Despite your best efforts, spiders can quickly overrun a property, which is why professional spider control services in Raleigh are often the best solution to get the results you need.

Our Spider Control Process

At Southern Pest Solutions, we understand how much you desire a spider-free property. More importantly, we know just what it takes to deliver the results you want, thanks to honing our process to perfection.

Our approach to spider control is a five-step method that includes:

  1. Inspection: We carefully inspect in and around your home for signs of spider activity. If we notice an active infestation, we'll start elimination during this initial visit.
  2. Web sweep and sanitation: During this step, we reduce the favorable conditions by decluttering your yard, basement, crawl space, and other areas of activity. In addition, we knock down existing webs.
  3. Liquid spider treatment: For indoor spiders, we'll carefully apply a residual insecticide around all entry points and the perimeter of your house.
  4. Dusting spider treatment: For larger infestations, we'll apply insecticide dust in your attic, between your wall voids, and under your baseboards.
  5. Spider monitoring: Our last step involves using glue boards to catch spiders and monitor the population. We place the glue boards in hot spots, which allows us to ensure your spider control program is effective.

Keep your property protected from spiders and other pests by teaming up with the pest control experts in Raleigh at Southern Pest Solutions. Contact us today to explore your professional spider control options and become spider-free in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did spiders get into my home?

Spiders enter your home through loose screens and cracks under your windows and doors. They move indoors, searching for food, mates, warmth, and moisture. In fact, the presence of other pests is a common reason spiders come inside; they’re on the hunt for prey. This is why part of our spider control program also targets common household pests. Spiders never stop trying to enter your home, and the team at Southern Pest Solutions never stops working to keep them out. So if you’re dealing with a spider problem, please give us a call at 919-897-7125.

Are spiders dangerous?

Most spiders pose little to no threat to humans, but some species deliver painful bites that cause medical issues. In the United States, the two most common species of venomous spiders are black widows and brown recluse. If you spot either of these, please give us a call at 919-897-7125! It’s important we protect your family and pets from these poisonous pests.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Our technicians are experts at eliminating spiders and other common household pests. Keeping spiders out of your home is an ongoing effort, not a one-time treatment, so we recommend subscribing to our monthly protection plan. This service takes care of ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, and many other common household pests in Raleigh, NC.

Is your spider control service safe?

Yes! All our spider control products are applied by thoroughly trained technicians who follow standard safety measures to ensure your family and pets are kept safe before, during, and after your spider control service. If you have any questions, give us a call at 919-897-7125 today!