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The Best Way To Protect Your Clayton Property From Termites

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The Best Way To Protect Your Clayton Property From Termites

At first glance, termites may not look harmful or dangerous, but they cost homeowners billions of dollars in property damage annually. Protecting your Clayton home from termites is key to protecting your wallet.

Here’s what local residents should know about the life cycle of termites, the extent of damage they can cause, why annual inspections are so important, and the best way to combat termites if you believe you have them.

The Life Cycle Of Termites In Clayton

While some pests may be easy to identify, termites can be easy to mistake for other species because they can look drastically different based on their stage in the life cycle. If you’re worried that your home may have termites, it’s important to know what these critters look like as eggs, nymphs, larvae, and adults.

  • Eggs: Termite eggs, which can be white to light brown in color, are small and oval-shaped. These eggs are almost always grouped together, but it’s rare to spot termite eggs as they are hidden deep within the wood. 
  • Larvae: Once they hatch, termites enter the larvae stage of life. Larvae may also be referred to as nymphs and tend to be translucent white, have six legs, and soft bodies. 
  • Adult termites: Adult termites can look different depending on their role in the colony, but all adult termites share a few of the same characteristics: they’re bigger than ants, have six legs, and straight antennae that protrude from their heads.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Clayton Properties

Termites can cause billions of dollars in property damage annually, but how much damage can they cause for the average homeowner? A single termite infestation can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the infestation. Unfortunately, termite infestations can go unnoticed for years, which gives these pests plenty of time to eat their way through your home.

Large termite colonies, which can include millions of termites, are capable of eating up to a pound of wood per day. The damage may not always be obvious, but if the termite colony goes untreated for long enough, these critters can significantly impact the structural integrity of your home.

Some of the most common damage (and signs) of a termite problem include: 

  • Doors and windows that suddenly feel ill-fitting on their frames or “stuck” when you try to use them 
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap or step on it 
  • Peeling paint on your walls that may look like water-damage
  • Drooping drywall 
  • Maze-like patterns running through hardwood floors, furniture, or other wood items in your home 
  • Walls or ceilings that begin to buckle 
  • Tiny entry holes where termites have tunneled through your walls

Why Annual Inspections Are Important For Clayton Properties

The reason termite infestations cause so much damage and cost homeowners so much money is that infestations tend to go undiscovered for between three to eight years on average. Even if you know what to look for, the signs of termites aren’t always obvious to the average homeowner – which is why having annual inspections performed can make a big difference.

Not only can a termite expert catch infestations before they cost you thousands of dollars, but if there is damage in your home, they can help identify how much of your home’s structural integrity has been compromised. 

The Secret To Total Termite Protection For Your Clayton Property

Receiving annual inspections can be a necessary precaution to catching termites early, but what do you do if you actually discover these pests in your home? As dangerous as termites can be for your home and wallet, there’s only one secret to total termite protection, and that’s working with Southern Pest Solutions.

Our small team of experts has nearly half a century of experience serving Clayton and surrounding areas, and we can put our expertise and our time-tested treatments to good use in your Clayton home. If you think you’ve got termites, don’t wait to call – contact us today at Southern Pest Solutions for more information about how our total termite protection services work.