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The Secret To Total Flea Control For Morrisville Homes

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If you can manage to spot them, fleas can have coloring that ranges from yellow or red to dark brown, and their small, oval-shaped bodies usually only grow to be around 1/16 of an inch in length. Despite how tiny they are, fleas have powerful hind legs that make it easy for them to jump from host to host.

These pests may be easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but their small size doesn’t mean they won’t cause big problems for Morrisville homes. Here’s what local residents should know about how fleas get into Morrisville homes, why they’re dangerous for you and your family, some natural ways to prevent them, and what to do if you suspect your home has a flea infestation.

All The Ways Fleas Get Into Morrisville Homes

While fleas can enter your home in a couple of different ways, the most common way to get a flea infestation is through a dog or cat that carries fleas into the house. When you take your dog on a walk or let your cat outside, fleas that are resting in nearby tall grass or trees may hop onto your pet and hitch a ride into your home.

However, pets aren’t the only way to end up with fleas. Even if you don’t have a pet that spends time outdoors, rodents and other wildlife on your property can still bring fleas into your home. Rats and mice that crawl into your house may be infested with fleas, or a raccoon trying to get into your trash could bring a flea problem into your home.

In less common cases, fleas may also enter your home through used or secondhand furniture. These critters and their eggs are tiny enough to hide in even the smallest cracks and crevices and may be easy to miss if you’re purchasing secondhand items.

Why Fleas Are Dangerous In Morrisville Homes

Once they’ve found a way inside your Morrisville residence, fleas can wreak all kinds of havoc, including: 

  • Fleas can still leave itchy, swollen bites on exposed areas of your skin.
  • They can trigger allergic reactions in your pets, which may lead to excessive scratching and itching and occasionally hair loss.
  • Intensive itching from flea bites can sometimes result in secondary skin infections that require medication attention.
  • If a person or pet accidentally ingests a flea, there’s a risk that they may develop a tapeworm infection.

Natural & Effective Flea Prevention Tips For Morrisville Homes

Given how much of a danger that fleas can pose to you or your pets, part of total flea control is preventing these pests before they ever get inside. Some easy, effective flea prevention tips for homeowners include: 

  • Limit where your pet goes outside. Tall grass, weeds, or even low-hanging tree branches can all house fleas that are just waiting for an animal host to walk by. Be careful of where you walk your dog outside or limit how much time an outdoor cat is spending outside of the home. 
  • Make sure you’re treating your pets for fleas throughout the year. Be sure that you’re working with your veterinarian to prevent fleas throughout the entire year, not just during the warmer months. 
  • Regularly bathe and brush pets. Whether they spend a lot of time outside or not, one of the easiest ways to find fleas is by brushing or bathing your pet. Running a comb through your pet’s fur can help spot these tiny critters. 
  • Wash pet items and bedding on a regular basis. Fleas may sometimes migrate from your pet’s fur to their bedding or other items, so make sure you’re washing these things regularly. 
  • Don’t leave food sitting out for rodents or wildlife to find. Even if you don’t have pets, rodents and other wildlife that are drawn to your home may still bring them in. Make sure you’re properly storing your leftovers as well as any rotting food in trash or garbage cans.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Morrisville Homes & Keep Them Out

Even with taking precautions to keep fleas out of your home, these pests can still manage to make it inside. The best way to deal with an existing flea infestation or to get rid of fleas in your Morrisville home is by contacting the professionals at Southern Pest Solutions.

If you’ve discovered a flea infestation or just suspect that you’ve got one, don’t wait for the problem to get worse – call us today at Southern Pest Solutions to learn more about how our total flea control services work.