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What To Do About Carpenter Ants In My Knightdale Home

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Have you noticed large, black or red ants crawling in and out of holes in wood? These are carpenter ants, and they can be bad news for the wooden elements of your home. Carpenter ants are named for their habit of infesting wood, which they tunnel into to build their nests.

A carpenter ant infestation on your property is a pain to deal with, but professional pest control in Knightdale can help. Keep reading to learn why your home has carpenter ants, where they come from, and who to call if you have carpenter ants in Knightdale.

Why Have Carpenter Ants Infested My Home?

Carpenter ants are quite large, measuring between ½ inch and ⅝ inch long. Their coloring varies; they may be black, red, brown, or a combination of red and black. They do not eat wood, but tunnel through it while constructing their nests.

Some signs of carpenter ants are the holes they leave in wood and the sawdust-like material that accumulates near the holes. Carpenter ants typically choose damp or moldy wood to build their nests. Any decaying wood on your property or in your home can provide an ideal nesting site for carpenter ants. Once carpenter ants have infested the wet or rotten wood, they often expand their nests into adjoining dry wood as well.

Carpenter ants in Knightdale can potentially affect any house, but certain factors will make your home more inviting for them. Homes with moisture issues will provide the necessary water sources for the colony. Any wood that has been wet and has started to decay will provide ideal conditions for carpenter ants.

If your house has tree limbs or shrubbery come into contact with your home, these can provide bridges for carpenter ants. Storing firewood close to your home can also lead to a carpenter ant problem, as they often nest in wood piles.

Avoiding these factors can help reduce your chances of a carpenter ant infestation, and Southern Pest Solutions can provide more advice on how to protect your home from carpenter ants.

Where Did Carpenter Ants Come From?

If you have seen signs of carpenter ants inside your home, you may be wondering where they came from. The carpenter ants infesting your house likely came from other areas on or around your property. These wood-infesting ants commonly build nests in stacks of firewood, tree stumps, dead trees, and fence posts. Any decaying wood in your yard can be a magnet for carpenter ants.

Once the ants are on your property, they can potentially spread into the wood on the exterior or interior of your home. Carpenter ants can get inside your home through gaps around windows and doors, spaces around utility entrances, or any other tiny crack or crevice on your home’s exterior. The ants will often travel along tree branches or cables and onto your house and then gain access through any small entry point.

Now that you know why you have carpenter ants and where they came from, it’s time to explore your best option for carpenter ant pest control.

Who Should I Call To Help Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants?

Obviously, you do not want carpenter ants in your home. Not only are they a nuisance, like all ants, but they can cause aesthetic and structural damage to the wooden parts of your home. To get rid of carpenter ants, you need help from the best pest control company for carpenter ants in Knightdale: Southern Pest Solutions.

At Southern Pest Solutions, we believe in communication, follow-through, and standing by our warranty. When you work with us, you will get a hassle-free experience and an effective residential pest control solution to your pest problem.

If you have carpenter ants on your property, give Southern Pest Solutions a call today. We’ll provide you with excellent carpenter ant pest control, as well as friendly and professional service. We’ll also educate you on how to prevent carpenter ants in the future, including the tips in the next section.

How Do I Prevent Carpenter Ants?

Treatments from the best pest control company for carpenter ants will eliminate the ants on your property. Still, without certain measures, you could have another infestation on your hands down the line. To help deter carpenter ants from returning, consider following these simple prevention tactics:

  • Eliminate water sources for carpenter ants, such as leaks or areas of standing water.
  • Plug any crevices or holes in your house with caulk.
  • Cut back tree branches and shrubs to keep them off your home’s exterior.
  • Store firewood away from your house and off of the ground.
  • Remove or replace damp or moldy wood in and around your home.

Limiting the attracting factors for carpenter ants and keeping them from entering will go a long way towards preventing another infestation. Contact Southern Pest Solutions if you have any questions about carpenter ant control or prevention.